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“From a distance we (literally) do not see people as individuals.” 

― Dolly Chugh

Coachsmith JEDI developmental opportunities (workshops) are designed to help your organization understand how to build a more inclusive workplace where all talent feels like they belong, are supported, have access to opportunity, and know that their contributions matter. We do this by increasing employee's understanding about how to navigate differences that include but are not limited to identity, culture, religion, race, and ability.

I am certified to debrief assessment results for the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), lead workshops on cultural fluency and how to work with people from diverse backgrounds (Berlitz Cultural Navigator), and how to be a woman advocating for her accomplishments and her brilliance (#IamRemarkable).


Let's discuss what a workshop specifically designed for your organization might look like. Topic areas include:


Cultural fluency

Inclusive teams

   Inclusive leaders


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