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The focus will be on what's happening now and the possibilities for the future. -Deirdra

Coaching is for people that want to activate growth and development in their lives personally, professionally or both. And to be supported in their efforts. A relationship with a coachsmith is different from relying on your friends and family for advice. The people that love you typically bring their own agenda to the table, they have their own experiences, biases, and desires and those things usually keep them from being impartial. Those who love you are looking through the lens of what they think should happen or what they think is best for you, not necessarily what is best for you. 

A coachsmith doesn't have any personal attachment to the decisions you make or to the outcome of those decisions. The only agenda is to hold space for you, and to guide you as you peel back the layers in order to figure out what's best for you and your life. Partnership with a coachsmith will include taking the following steps:

  • identifying the desired change

  • exploring possibilities

  • identify necessary skills to create change

  • working to remove barriers 

  • actioning on the change

This isn't therapy and you won’t work on past issues or traumas. Instead, the focus will be on what’s happening now and the possibilities of the future. A coachsmith can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. We're here to help you uncover the life that fills you up.

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